30 July 2010

Life in the Slow Lane

I guess I'm the Aunt Mabel that keeps turning up when you least expect it.  I've been getting a lot of encouragement from my doc (about a years worth lol) to get back to journaling...but it took a gentle nudge and a joke or two from a special friend to get this blender brain of mine in gear.
So hear I am.  I blew it on this entry, though.  I spent most of my time re-arranging the look of my place here.  I've run out of energy for the actual task of writing so this is going to be a bit dry.
I resolve to write at least three times a week.  My reasons are 1) get my ability to put my thoughts down more coherently 2) work on my ability to focus and 3) stop being afraid to get back into doing something I love.
Dennis once had us write down a couple of things we were grateful for.  Those of us who participated, and I was one of them, were to do this exercise for thirty days.  I faithfully wrote in a previous version of my blog for thirty days things I was (were?) grateful for.  I think I'm going to start there...and see what comes out of it.  After all, last night I meant to answer an email to a buddy with a few quick lines and ended up nearly writing a novel.
So. Here goes.  I'll do four things daily for thirty days. 
What I am grateful for today, July 30, 2010.
1) I am grateful to have the ability to own and operate my own small business.
2) I am grateful that Jesus Christ saw fit to bring Komando back to me when he got lost.
3) I am grateful to have a nice apartment to live in.
4) I am grateful for my doctors who are helping get through all of these issues I'm facing.
Ok.  It wasn't so tough.
Until tomorrow.