28 January 2011

What in Tarnation

I know.
I know.
Where the Hell has Riccie been?
Ah. Around the world and back again? LOL
Considering getting back to my writing roots. As usual, I've been under the weather for the past week. I write 'as usual' because these are the times I can think on a slower pace and consider getting back to my writing. I actually had something percolating but ended up taking the scenic route on the way to writing...and found myself in an interesting situation. My attention was totally captivated...and then, as usual, reality barged it's way back into my world and here I am again.
'Here I go again on my own...'
Who sang that?
Momentary blip there. I'm back. Gonna be locked and loaded tomorrow. I have to get back to making a living.  It pays the bills and gives me spending money.
What an interesting news day today is. The protests in Egypt...the standoff in Maryland...the Dallas Cowboys' arena? Wow.
What's going on in Egypt has my utmost attention. No, I'm not going to comment because I'm not fully informed...
I will definitely be back.

26 January 2011

Frakin' Sinuses

My head feels as if it is going to implode...or explode...at any moment. Frakin' sinuses. This bout is costing me money. I wonder if one can live without their sinuses. Maybe I should check into a sinusectomy. Calling Dr. House?
Yeah, I know. I've been away for a long time. Shooting the breeze with someone reminded me I still have this blog. So many changes have happened. So much time has gone by. I sit in awe at where I was (just yesterday in my mind...but so much more than that has passed.)
Back to why I'm here. I'm sick, of course. When do I ever have time to play around on the 'cloud' anymore?
Yeah. I'm gone for a while and even the internet has a new name.
I liked 'internet' better. But who am I to try to stop progress?
Have I gotten past my writer's block? I don't know. Haven't kicked out another story yet, but I've got a few trying to bubble up. Owning my own business is teaching me the fine art of time management. Me. Who used to be such a hard-ass about every tiny detail. Me. Who needs to re-learn ten minutes means ten minutes and not thirty. I'm a strict boss on myself. And when I fail, I go into a tailspin.
It's hard to get myself out when I do. The only ones there anymore to remind me of the money I need to make are my bills. And even those are getting fewer.
HA! Try to run sinusectomy through your spellcheck and see what you get. Funny! Me and my made up words.
Yeah. I've got lots more words I'd like to jot down. My throbbing head won't co-operate right now.  It's nice to put something down, though. I'm bookmarking my own blog to my new laptop now...

Living Life

I really need to update this more often.
Right now I'm enjoying life, preparing to move to Texas, and working hard when I'm not sick.
How's that for a change?