30 September 2011

Be So Very Careful

I have to keep reminding myself:
Be careful of what I wish for. I may just indeed get it.
A bit.
I feel: hopeful, joyful, apprehensive, thoughtful, curious...

12 September 2011

Starsky and Hutch

While channel surfing I bumped into 'RTV'. Lots of tv shows from the 70's. My second favorite childhood tv show, Starsky and Hutch, comes on every night at 9pm. I've actually been tuning in over the past two weeks. 
During it's initial run, Starsky and Hutch would play at 9pm, which also happened to be my bedtime. Mom would not give an inch although I tried everything I could to watch my guys. The show, which stayed in the top ten during it's initial four year run, is a hoot to watch but painfully slow for my Law & Order: Criminal Intent palate.  Bobby Goren has forever made his mark on my soul.
Was life really simpler back then?
I take note of the desks; none of which have a laptop or desktop. Only the occasional quaint typewriter (my kids don't even know what that is).  All of this instant connectivity...smartphones, netbooks, tablets, laptops, etc., etc. Is THAT the difference?

God Bless all the families affected by the attacks on September 11, 2001.  Yesterday was a really tough day to get through. But we have prevailed.