26 October 2011

Road Rash

I just witnessed a motorcycle accident.
I am nauseated to the Nth degree.
I was on Ambassador, of course. He wasn't using his best driving skills...he almost got clocked by the vehicle next to me in the left lane. I heard a loud screech and what sounded like his motor going into overdrive. I looked around and saw him driving up through the median. He made it a few vehicles in front of me. Queue the traffic light. After takeoff from that, within 2 blocks, he met the back end of someones truck. Two vehicles in front of me. I saw him bouncing up and down on the pavement...and almost threw up. I am now home. I can't get that picture out of my head.
I sent prayers up immediately.
People. If you drive a bike...please. PLEASE driving with sense. Spare the rest of us an ugly memory. PLEASE!

02 October 2011


My oldest daughter tells me someone gave a copy of this to her in high school and she proceeded to read it out loud without a stumble. I've just come across this...and am fascinated by it.
What do you think? (By the way. In case you are wondering- I read it at first glance without the slightest problem. Further proof of the twisted chemistry in my brain. LOL)