18 March 2012

American Idol

What a cruddy name for a TV show. I rarely watch it.
Anyway. I just saw a commercial for it.  I watched the quick rundown on the contestants...I really don't know one from the other...but I wondered. What do these people feel? I mean...you're putting your craft...your heart and soul...all of it out there for everyone to see and judge. It's one thing when I scribble on this blog...my craft needs much refining...and will get it. But to be out there on stage (a place I'm quite familiar with) and to just...just give it your all...in the hopes of inspiring and entertaining...I just wonder.
These days we don't wait for tomorrow morning's papers for the reviews. Everything is done in real time...Twitter...Facebook...(is MySpace even relevant anymore?)...texting...video messages...hmmm.
Which leads to another thought.
No one can make a mistake these days. Everyone is armed with an open mic and a camera called a cell phone. So those embarrassing moments can and will be forever digitally captured and has the potential to go 'viral'. Go viral. To me that means getting the flu.
Our wonderful, morphing English language. So many things have different meanings these days. My grandmother would be so confused with the change of the meaning of  'Gay'. She would never comprehend an iPhone. Call waiting was a busy signal and you had to wait and call back later.
Three party calls? Only if calling in a business and there was a serious problem. The filthy language on 'regular' TV these days? She'd run to the confessional at church.
My grandmother. I often think of her and mom...sometimes a bit jealous...wondering what they are up to in Paradise.
I know it sounds crazy but I 'feel' mom. I know she's around me. I talk to her sometimes. No, she hasn't answered back. LOL (and I sure hope she doesn't scare me by doing so!) but...anyways...such is where my mind is.

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