18 March 2012


Ok. So I'm watching Family Guy as I attempt this. So call me distracted.
I want to get back to my writing. I have much to offer and I've barely tapped the well. So here is my pathetic first attempt.
Now I shouldn't do that. There are no 'pathetic' attempts. Only practice. As I once read from a recommended book from a friend about writing...just write. It doesn't matter what you put on the paper (or in this electronic age: the monitor). What matters is that I've written. It may take days...weeks...to get some sort of thread together. And that's ok. Because in the meantime I have written.
I still revert to pen and paper when I want to think more carefully about what I'm writing. Typing is a breeze...so quick and easy.
But there's something about feeling that 'just right' pen scratching against a smooth sheet of paper. I love it!
And speaking of transitions...
God has been so good to me so far this year. Yes, my health is in severe decline. But it's okay. So many other areas of my life are working out...I remain humbled. Through God all things are possible.
And I am a living testament.
Ok. Ok...

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