03 April 2012

Life's Been Good To Me So Far...

I'm loving life. I'm content. I'm at peace. I'm just loving it! I look forward to being at a normal weight again. Depression medication can do a real number on one's weight and I have proven to be no exception.
All goes well at the moment. I'm fighting with Sears, my latest client. I'm not sure if I want to continue with them. And then I log in and take more calls. Oh well. It's some pocket change for me right now...something I sorely need.
Tom's been so good. He's the patient, supportive, loving husband I've always needed him to be since I got sick. Something about the last time I went to the hospital...it's like it clicked with him. All of a sudden he knew and understood. He attended a family meeting that was quickly put together even though he'd just gotten off work. I give him props for that. And he actually listened to the doctor. Where has this guy been? Oh well. I'm not going to waste my time for what hasn't been. I'd much rather focus on what is and what will be. And right now the future looks really bright!
Not my will but thy will be done;
Love always,